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Birthdate:May 25
Location:Ohio, United States of America
There's nothing I can say here that wouldn't be better said by reading my journal, so I'm just going to go on some fairly random tangents about things I've done.

I used to wander the streets of Sydney, NSW, making up songs as I sang them. Since I left there, I haven't felt like doing it anywhere else.

I collect monkeys, odd board games, and unique decks of cards. The first is because my family's nickname for me is Monkey. I'm the only one not born in a Dragon year. The second is because I love board games, and I realized that I could get really funny ones at garage sales. So far, the best find has been a game called Therapy. We've yet to play a game of it that didn't result in simultaneously learning about friends and convulsing in hysterical laughter. The last I decided to do when I was probably 9 years old; I read an article in Games magazine about round decks of playing cards and thought that was fantastic. Amusingly, I've only obtained a single round deck (a gift from a friend a few years ago). My approach to collecting is very haphazard. If I have cash in my pocket and see something for my collections that I don't already have, I buy it. It's very rare for me to actively seek something out for them.

When I was 5, I used to pretend that my blanket was magical, and if I could spin around fast enough on top of it, it would transport me to the ceiling. Really, I just liked getting so dizzy that I fell down.

Do not ever keep me from my coffee.

In October 2005, I had a baby. That was pretty fantastic, and so is she.

I hold myself to impossibly high standards. This frequently results in me forgetting to say "Thank you," when complimented. Instead, it tends to come out, "Eh, whatever." I try not to do that.

I graduated from high school when I was 16. Overachieving took me straight into burnout in adulthood. And by "burnout" I mean "nearly being hospitalized."

I like to make new words. I also like to attach totally new meanings to old words. "Iconoplast" traditionally means someone who creates images, ideas, and/or institutions. But if you break it down into "icono-" and "-plast", you can get the definition of an idolized unit of protoplasm. I decided to add that definition when I was in high school.

In person, I apparently create an aura of fear. I've spoken to people who have told me that before they met me, they crossed the street to avoid me. I've had a police officer tell me that he was giving me a warning instead of a traffic ticket because I was scaring him. That particularly amused me, as I am a tiny little wispy person at 5'2" and he was well over 6', muscular, and had a gun. I don't know, in that situation, how I was the scary one.

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