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Ricky Buchanan ([personal profile] jeshyr) wrote in [personal profile] iconoplast 2009-05-25 12:04 pm (UTC)

I'm just wandering in via [community profile] no_pity - hope you don't mind! I wanted to ask about the meds you're on for your POTS. I have NMH and POTS as part of my "currently we're not sure what you have" problems, which I just posted in my no_pity intro. I take Florinef, salt tablets, a beta blocker and ... something else too? ... to try to keep my blood pressure up and it certainly helps, but not enough. I can't even sit up for long without my blood pressure dropping enough to give me symptoms that last for ages! So I'm curious about what meds are helping you and how you're going.

Best of luck! Yay for diagnoses!

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