Date: 2009-05-25 05:33 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] iconoplast
Not at all! I'm on a high salt diet in lieu of salt tablets and so far that part is working for me. I've also got a beta blocker and they've got me on Wellbutrin along with that. At the moment I've also got oxycodone for the muscle pain and baclofen for the muscle spasms -- I'm hoping that if we get the rest of the POTS symptoms under control the muscle pain will go away with them and let me stop the oxy at the least. I'm going to see a specialist at the Cleveland Clinic in about 6 weeks and I'm hoping I'll get some good ideas out of that. I've also been looking at Provigil; I was on it for a while pre-diagnosis, but my insurance company threw a fit over it (it costs something absurd like $20/pill, so I can't say I blame them). I'm hoping that now that I've got something concrete for them that they'll give it back. It's actually a medication for narcolepsy, but it vastly improves vasoconstriction as well as chasing away brain fog.

As to your low blood pressure, have you tried an alpha blocker as well? A lot of the research I've done has suggested that it can be rather effective. Mine's been holding pretty steady at 90/60 or so, which means I haven't had to try it yet, but that may change if we have to up the beta blockers further.
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